let's peek inside the book

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You've heard the story of how I knew it was time to write a book and you've seen the cover reveal and the heart behind the message. Today let's take a peek inside! Freely and Lightly combines word and art is such a beautiful way. My publisher gave me total creative license with adding in full-color art throughout the book, giving the nod of approval when I asked if I could create special endsheets (you'll see those in a second!), adding in a journal-y touch with hand-lettered Scriptures and making each page feel special with watercolored borders. The story and words found on the pages are so dear to me and I hope they will be encouraging to you. AND ALSO, I hope you are delighted by the pretty art. Let me show you around the pages.


The endsheets are those first and final pages that hold the hardback cover together and the perfect place to set the tone for the whole book. One night, inspiration struck and I pulled favorite illustrations found throughout the book and created a collage. I really love these pages.

dedication page

Most books have a little note at the beginning with a dedication. I love reading these in other books and knew I wanted to include one in this book. I went round and round thinking and praying about who this one is really for. Many people dedicate their books to their parents or spouse or children and I contemplated all of those. I am grateful, of course, for the support of Ryan and the love of my parents and I truly hope my kids will learn the truths found in the book and avoid many of the struggles their mother experienced. But, honestly, that's not really who I wrote the book for. I wrote it for the one who is just like me and who needs to know she is not alone and there is hope. When it came time to turn in a finished manuscript with dedication, the words came quickly and my eyes filled with tears: For the one who is tired and weary. He really will make good on his promise.

the chapters

There are 20 short chapters in all and each one begins with an illustration that relates to the message and a hand-lettered chapter number (I sort of love the chapter numbers!). We wanted each page of the book to feel special and included artwork, hand-lettered scriptures, and watercolor borders. I hope that as you read the story, the art will enhance your time with the book. May each creative element offer a chance to pause, be still, enjoy and bring a smile. The book releases on March 2nd. I can't wait for you to hold it in your hands!