Watercolor for Kids Online Class

Join children's book artist and author Emily Lex with her two children ages 11 and 9 to learn how to have fun with watercolor!

About this class:

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The perfect activity for kids of all ages!

Encourage young artists to learn how to watercolor. The video lessons are enjoyable, easy to watch, and fun!.

Kids will enjoy learning techniques for mixing paint, caring for a brush, and stroke-making, then practice making happy art as they create watercolor projects that are cute enough to proudly display.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Mia M. (Vancouver, WA, US)
    Excellent, Value-Packed Class (for kids & adults)

    Very glad I purchased this class. Comes with bonus materials and projects. I'm an adult who purchased this class for myself ... I'm fairly new at watercolor. pleasantly found this class adult applicable adult-level as/and/or as it's advertised "kids" class also.

    Brigid (Denham Springs, LA, US)

    My daughter loved loved loved the animal book. We bought the baking book as a gift for her best friend. Great product. Well thought out. Great paint.

    Catriona A. (Charlotte, NC, US)

    Watercolor for Kids Online Class

    Maribeth S. (Quakertown, PA, US)
    Excellent Choice for A Homeschool Co-Op Class

    I was looking for a way to introduce children in my Homeschool C0-Op class, grades 1-5, to watercolor. And I was SO thankful that I found Emily! Her class was PERFECT for me to share with these children, especially when I, myself, was not comfortable with this subject. Emily explained everything so well, and the children really enjoyed it. I wholeheartedly recommend Emily's class!

    Lynn S. (Boise, ID, US)
    Great class for all ages

    I was very pleased. My grandkids and their parents and I all enjoyed the classes. For those of us with no experience, it was a great introduction to watercolor--clear, approachable intro lessons followed by fun project lessons where all can succeed and continually improve as each person's skills grow. Each individual's product was completely their own yet all were special and everyone felt good. A win!

    Class lesson outline:

    A short introduction video.

    What supplies you might need or want for the lessons.

    How to easily start painting with watercolor.

    The best part! Kids learn how to mix and match colors to their own delight.

    How to personalize your colors.

    The first project for kids to easily get the hang of watercolor.

    Paint lovely flowers with Emily and the kids.

    Paint an ice cream cone with Emily and the kids.

    Paint some fantastic royal animal pets with Emily and the kids.

    Paint lovely pretty hearts in pink and red.

    Get 10 printable pages of sketched outlined illustrations to use for paint or coloring practice anytime.

    Get printable painting sketches you can use to celebrate the season.