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Simplified Penmanship


Simplified Penmanship Online Class
Simplified Penmanship Online Class
Simplified Penmanship Online Class
Simplified Penmanship Online Class
Simplified Penmanship Online Class

How To Improve Your Handwriting & Enjoy The Art of Penmanship

In Simplified Penmanship, you will learn to improve your handwriting (no matter how terrible it is!) and develop your own lettering style. You'll finish the course feeling inspired to use your new skill to write notes, letters, and artwork every day.

Easy online lessons and printable worksheets will take you from scribble scratch to perfect print in no time.


  • Pick the writing instrument that's right for you
  • Hold a pen or pencil correctly
  • Properly form letters, numbers and symbols
  • Center and space your lettering
  • Creatively address envelopes
  • Write on a chalkboard (the easy way!)
  • Instant Digital Access
  • Ten HD Video Lessons
  • Unlimited Playback
  • Pause & Replay Any Lesson
  • Complete Supplies List
  • Project Templates & Guides

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


the creative things you will learn in class

Get 10 HD Video Lessons and Projects So You Can Easily Learn How To Watercolor

how to turn your writing into an art print

With a good penmanship foundation, you can create lettering artwork you are proud of.

discover the best writing utensils for your style

Easily find the right supplies with a resource list of favorite paper, notebooks, pencil, pen, eraser and chalk options.

printable practice worksheets included

Make your everyday penmanship look great with helpful tips, technique and practice worksheets.

Lesson One:

Discover your favorite papers, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers and chalk lettering tools.

Lesson Two:

Learn the proper posture, hand holding and wrist angle to instantly improve your penmanship.

Lesson Three:

Take time to practice straight lines, curved lines and squiggles to build a foundation for proper lettering.

Lesson Four:
Anatomy of a Letter

Find out what elements make up a letter and how you can alter parts to create your own style.

Lesson Five:
Lettering Styles

Look at examples of serif, sans serif, italic and script styles to practice your favorite.

Lesson Six:
Numbers & Symbols

Don't forget the extra characters!

Lesson Seven:
Letter Spacing

Helpful tricks for keeping your lettering straight and evenly spaced.

Lesson Eight:

Add embellishment to your pretty writing with hand drawn borders.

Lesson Nine: 
Fake Calligraphy

Make your handwriting instantly fancy with this simple technique.

Lesson Ten:
Addressing Envelopes

Wow your loved ones with handwritten notes AND pretty envelopes.

Bonus Lesson:
Chalk Lettering

Learn how to season your chalkboard, the best tools and a great technique for transferring art to the chalkboard.

Lettering Project

Put your skills to use with a creative quote to practice with.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you'll enjoy the class, but if for any reason it's just not the right fit, let us know within 30 days and we'll gladly refund your purchase.

Meet Your Instructor:
Emily Lex

"Like you, I understand how having a great writing style can give you more confidence, but can feel like an impossible task to learn. After years of practice I share my secrets to discovering your lettering style in fun and easy lessons and worksheets." - emily

Emily's penmanship talent has opened many doors. Most notably Emily hand addressed the personal Christmas cards for Bill and Melinda Gates for 9 years. Every year her handwriting was seen by Presidents, Grammy Award winning musicians, business executives and dignitaries all over the world.

Emily's creative work has been featured on HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, Magnolia Journal and more.