Watercolor for Kids


Watercolor for Kids Online Class
Watercolor for Kids Online Class
Watercolor for Kids Online Class
Watercolor for Kids Online Class
Watercolor for Kids Online Class
Watercolor for Kids Online Class
Watercolor for Kids Online Class

Give The Gift of Art & Creativity

The perfect activity for kids of all ages!

Encourage your young artist to learn how to watercolor. The video lessons are enjoyable, easy to watch, and can be replayed over and over.

Kids will enjoy learning techniques for mixing paint, caring for a brush, and stroke-making, then practice making happy art as they create watercolor projects that are cute enough to proudly display.


  • Instant Digital Access

  • Eight Video Lessons

  • Unlimited Playback

  • Pause & Replay Any Lesson

  • Complete Supplies List

  • Project Templates & Guides

  • paints and brush not included

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed




the creative things we'll learn in class

All video lessons are between 8-25 minutes long, easy to follow, enjoyable to watch and perfect for kids of all ages.

gather supplies

Set the kids up with the right paper, paint, brushes and more (kid-appropriate and affordable!)

learn the basics

Start with a foundation of good technique for mixing paint, making strokes, and caring for a brush.

make happy art

Follow along to create a handful of projects (cute enough to display!) that can be done again and again.

Lesson One

Learn all about watercolor supplies and set up your work area

Lesson Two

Start off with proper technique to make painting fun

Lesson Three

Let’s experiment with mixing colors to see what we make

Lesson Four

Create an extended palette from just eight basic colors

Lesson Five

Create a cheery sunburst using a little bit of math and lots of color

Lesson Six

Use the wet on wet technique to make a whimsical bouquet

Lesson Seven

Yum! Stack up your favorite flavors for this sweet project

Lesson Eight

Sketch your favorite pet, add a crown and watercolor in the details

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident your kiddos will love the class, but if not, for any reason, let us know within 30 days and we'll gladly refund your purchase.

a note from emily

It is my absolute delight to encourage artists young and old to take time to be creative.

As a mom of four I know how important it is to offer creative outlets of all different varieties … painting is just one of many great options!

Together with two of my kids, Mason + Audrey, we’ve put together watercolor projects that will spark your kids’ imagination, build confidence, and encourage them to fill their free time with making art.

Plus, you just might find that you have as much fun as your kids do in the class!

If you have any questions please email me anytime at support@emilylex.com.